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How to Cruise Alone and Enjoy it

By Antonio Morales

If you are interested in booking a cruise, but do not have anyone to go with, don’t worry about it!! Cruising alone can be a wonderful experience. You can do what you want, when you want, and don’t have to worry about your uncle wanting to eat at 6, or your friends wanting to go out all night.

Gorgeous Sun Deck, Cruise Ship - photo by Gregory Runyan

You can meet tons of interesting people from around the globe, literally!! You can meet cruisers from all walks of life, making the week at sea an interesting one.

Here are some tips if you cruise alone:

Get an inside cabin. The only downfall is that usually, when you cruise alone, the cruise line will charge you 150 to 200% extra. Yes, it can cost a lot, but you will have your own cabin. Inside cabins offer the best value for your dollar. An ocean view isn’t really worth the extra money, you can always go out on deck for a nice ocean view.

Try to participate in any single activities, as that is a great way to meet new people. Cruise lines are realizing that people are cruising alone, and try to have singles interact with each other.

Be open minded to different cultures, and be willing to talk to anyone. You are on vacation after all!! You are there to drift away from the real world, and so is everyone else. People are there to have a good time, and you should be too. Ask about what they may be doing ashore, maybe you have the same excursion booked, and can go together.

In this author’s humble opinion, the best cruise I was on was royal Caribbeans adventure of the seas. I sailed October 30, 2005 from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and visited Aruba, Curacao, saint martin and saint Thomas. First off, the boat was huge. Activities were limitless; volleyball, basketball, dodge ball, roller blading, and ice-skating. The shows were magnificent. Lavish Broadway shows with singing and dancing. The comedy shows were excellent as well. As for the food, one word: yum! Well prepared and always available.

In closing, traveling alone is a great way to learn about yourself. Don’t be afraid to try it, you may find out that is the only way to travel!!

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Best Scuba Diving Destinations

Best Scuba Diving Destinations

After scuba diving for many years, I became enthralled with the sport and decided to search out the world’s best places to scuba dive. The options of great scuba diving destinations are endless, but here are my top three diving sites.


Beginning with the Red Sea in Egypt, there is no other scuba diving like this place. It is one of the best places to scuba dive I’ve found. The water is incredibly clear and with the right scuba gear, you can dive and see some amazing sea life.

The next best place to scuba dive is in Malta. This place offers great visibility as well, but the diving with scuba gear is protected by the Maltese Island government. When you scuba dive in this amazing place, you will see octopus and rays of every kind.

Finally, the third best place to scuba dive is in Costa Rica. I can’t believe the fish I saw in my dive off the shores of Costa Rica. Scuba diving in the world’s best water is a hobby of mine, so I’ve seen some fabulous fish, but none like the underwater life I saw here. Keep up the great scuba diving and enjoy these wonderful scuba diving locations.

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What You Can Expect On Your Jamaica Golf Vacation

By Dottson Bando

With the wide array of spectacular scenery and gorgeous weather, Jamaica golf is the perfect relaxation activity for your vacation. There are only about twelve courses to choose from but you’ll be kept entertained by the wide variety. The fact is, each course has distinctive qualities… and each course has its own unique character which will provide you with many memorable experiences.

Despite there being just twelve courses in the country of Jamaica, there is a wide range of experience level. It doesn’t matter what level you are… beginner or experienced… you’ll find a course to suit you. This way you can enjoy the links with a challenge to your level of expertise.

If you are an experienced golfer, one of the top Jamaica golf courses is The Tryall Club. Tryall is located just an hour west of Montego Bay, which is the perfect location for tourists looking for a challenge. This resort is a collection of upscale homes by North Americans and Europeans, giving it an up-scale feel. A visit to the course can be arranged through hotel concierges although it is a private resort area.

If you are a beginner and are looking to have a good time, the hub of Negril’s all-inclusive resorts is one of the most popular courses. Being a beginner, you can fit right in at Negril Hills Golf Club as most of the golfers are first timers or golfers that go no more than a couple of times a year. And the location gives you a rare and novel experience as you travel up and down the elevated trees to the valley fairways.

Head out to Sandals Golf and Country Club if you’re looking for a little less upscale but equally challenging course as The Tryall Club. You will find some of the best golf in Jamaica here with a plethora of quality and experienced golfers. Although it was in rough shape just a few years ago, Sandals was recently purchased and has been completely revamped.

If you want to get a taste of history while visiting Jamaica, Manchester Country Club is the Caribbean’s oldest golf course. Found in the city of Mandeville on Jamaica’s south coast, it is truly an experience you cannot miss out on. In addition, it is over 2,000 feet above sea level… and is set in rolling hills and provides gorgeous scenery.

Jamaica golf is a popular activity among tourists and natives. There is something for everyone… although there are only twelve courses. With gorgeous scenery, courses of all degrees of difficulty, and a chance to relax and enjoy your time under the sun, Jamaica golf is an activity you do not want to miss out on while vacationing.

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Top 5 Winter Getaways in 2007

By Caitlina Fuller

When summer is over and winter starts showing its ugly face most people dream of taking a vacation to somewhere warm and beautiful. Winter getaways are fantastic because they allow tourists to recharge their batteries and do something that will help get them over the winter blues.

Bahamas Private Beach Photo by Nils Van

One of the best ideas for the winter blues is a trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. There are so many different Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals available that you can find something that is just right for you and that works with your budget as well. It may take you some time and searching but the Internet can help you find the perfect Cabo San Lucas resort for your winter vacation.

Another great place to visit is Cancun. It is also in Mexico, just on the other side and it offers white sand beaches with clear blue water. Who wouldn’t want to escape the cold of winter for Cancun, Mexico?

Winter getaways to the Bahamas are also popular. That’s because the Bahamas are really close to the United States so trips can be made quickly and affordably. Not to mention the islands are gorgeous and the island air is just what you need to relax and enjoy your 2007 winter getaway.

The Florida Keys are also popular during the winter and will likely continue to be during the winter of 2007. That’s because the Keys are south enough to experience beautiful weather all year round. That means you can lie out on the beach or swim in the ocean.

New York City is another great winter getaway. Of course, it is cold here but it offers outstanding shopping, dining, and the arts. You will probably need a heavy coat but there are so many things to see and do in New York City that you will want to make time for a visit.

There are of course many other destinations that are outstanding for 2007. So, you should ask around and see if anyone has ever been to one of the locations on this list. Find out the details of each place and compare them to what you are looking for to see where you want to spend your vacation. If there are other places you would like to visit feel free so. These are just some popular destinations for those on vacation alone, with family, or even honeymooning!

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Caitlina Fuller is a freelance writer. One of the best ideas for the winter blues is a trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. There are so many different Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals available that you can find something that is just right for you and that works with your budget as well. It may take you some time and searching but the Internet can help you find the perfect Cabo San Lucas resort for your winter vacation.

Hot Winter Travel Destinations for Canadians

By Jolana Klobouk

Ask Canadians where they are heading for a winter break and you are most likely to hear Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Caribbean cruises.

Mexico, Cabo San Lucas, Resort pool  -Photo by Heather Sorenson

These tourist spots are quite hot among Canadians, because of their sun-soaked beaches and mildly warm climate. Industry experts agree that tourism demands for all these locations are hitting their all-time high because of the lavish accommodation, sight-seeing arrangements, and the variety of travel packages, which these destinations offer.

Mexican Coastal Resorts

In Mexico, Mayan Riviera, Cozumel on the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun, and Los Cabos on Baja Peninsula are the most popular tourist destinations. Particularly, the Yucatan has witnessed a spectacular rise in resort and hotel development because of its amazing beaches and Mayan archaeological sites such as Chichen Itza and Tulum. The Mayan Riviera is also popular as the top destination for Canadian travelers. Climbing up the popularity charts are also Puerto Vallarta and a revitalized Acapulco on the Pacific coast. In Puerto Vallarta, the destination that is gaining rapid popularity is Nuevo Vallarta, which is located at north of the old town.

Growing Golf in Cuba

Cuba was devoid of any golf culture until the famous Varadero Golf was built. After it was set up, the island has just not looked back in terms of the sport’s popularity. Today, Cuba is the most sought after golf destination and is a vital attraction for the local as well as international sports lovers. Currently, the much famous Varadero Golf Club does over 32,000 rounds annually. It intends to add nine more holes to its existing facility, according to the management. A European has been given the responsibility to design the new golf site that is likely to have five holes on ocean, instead of the existing two.

Dominican Republic’s all-inclusive Packages

The growing popularity of The Dominican Republic as a tourist spot is reflected in a spectacular rise in its hotel rooms to nearly 40,000. The destination is among the favorite tourist spot for the Canadians, because of its all-inclusive vacations. In such packages, one up-front payment covers facilities including airfare, accommodation, unlimited alcohol, food, and resort activities like tennis and windsurfing. So much so that the popularity of the Dominion Republic’s all-inclusive packages have reached Caribbean and Mexican destinations. Canadian tourists heading to the Dominion Republic pay as low as $999 per person for an all-inclusive trip to a hotel/resort situated at just 10 minutes away from Puerto Plata.

Caribbean Cruises

Even the biggest tropical storms move at snail’s pace when compared with the cruise ships, which is the biggest reason for the growing popularity of the Caribbean cruises. The nice weather of the Caribbean serves like an icing on the hot cake. Even a hurricane in the cruise’s path seems like a vacuum cleaner that sucks the moisture out of the air, leaving behind bright sunny days for the tourists. Moreover, with the political uncertainties across the globe, the Canadians prefer holiday trips close to home, which is another reason contributing towards the increasing popularity of Caribbean cruises.

Jolana Klobouk is editor of Find more information on Canadian travel destinations and information for Canadian travelers and visitors to Canada.

See The Recreation Of Magic With A Bahamas Golf Vacation

The every day hustle and bustle at times, becomes really affective on us. In fact, the daily tiring routine that we all go through can become so adverse that at times, we feel like running away from the entire situation and remain in isolation. However, we all know that running away like an escapist is something that nobody would want to do and therefore, we all try to find out some ways of respite and relief. Since, people all around the globe are varied, their thoughts, likings and disliking and other things are also varied. Therefore, each of them tries to do different things to break the monotony of their lives and take a break from their daily routine lives. Some try out dancing, some try out exercises and the various forms of exercises and some love going in for a nice and refreshing vacation with their loved ones like opting for a Bahamas golf vacation.

Well, the entire idea of holidaying thrills everyone just like the way a kid gets thrilled by seeing new toys. There are n numbers of holiday destinations all across the globe but one place that thrills everyone is the Bahamas Island. Going to the Bahamas and spending some good quality time out there can be highly magnificent. In addition, if someone is a hard-core golf player and loves to indulge in this game at given point of time, the Bahamas golf vacation can actually prove to be one of the best vacations of their life. Now let us talk about the Bahamas Island. The entire island is a conglomeration of seven hundred smaller and exotically beautiful islands. In fact, this conglomeration of the islands has some of the most beautiful and in fact, has some of the most thrilling, beautiful and challenging golf courses.

In fact, golf is a regularly played game in the Bahamas and thus, this place offers its tourists the Bahamas Golf Vacation. The combination of this titillating place and the game of golf is one of the deadliest combinations that one can come across. In fact, this combination can prove to be an aesthetic combination as the mind, the body and the soul gets many opportunities to relax. In fact, the complete occurrence that one goes through in this vacation, can make one crave for more of it and thus, people tend to come back to this place over and again.
The clear blue skies, the sun-drenched weather conditions and similar other things add up to create the perfect ambiance that helps tourists and golf lovers to indulge in the game of golf as well as in the environment.

In the Bahamas Golf Vacation, one can enjoy extensive hours of incessant golfing experience and at the same time; can indulge in the enjoyment of the fine and clear weather. In fact, the Bahamas Island can actually prove to heaven for food loving people as one can find n numbers of cuisines and that also amazing in taste. This place is one such place that can make you forget all your worries and can bring a new zeal into your boring life. Therefore, think no more and pack your bags to enjoy the Bahamas golf vacation.

By Suzane Gray

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