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Top Holiday Spot For Relaxation

By Johnathan H. Bakers

Greece Crete Santorini - photo by  Rafael A.M. de la Cruz

1. For that picture perfect ski holiday, Winter Park, in Colorado calls everyone. A warm bustling social evening with plenty of chance to meet new people can be enjoyed with the variety of lip smacking dishes provided by a professional gourmet chef. Making friends and eating out-under one roof is what Winter Park, Colorado offers.

2. If you are single you are lucky, as this breathtaking Mediterranean retreat in the island of Crete, Greece, offers fantastic lodging only for single vacationer. The marvelous Mediterranean beauty of Crete can be perfectly savored by staying at this family run hotel right on the beach front of the island. Besides indulging in some fine native cuisine, you can also take part in a variety of leisure activities.

3. If you are game for some Caribbean Sea retreat, British Virgin Island is the place for you. Discover the magical under sea by going scuba diving in the see-through turquoise water, swim, or just sail away your leisure hours in the mellow winds. If you are not a water person, you can unwind on the magnificent yacht and enjoy the various actions aboard while mingling with other singletons.

4. The ultimate wild nightlife in the beach can be found in Miami’s South Beach. This vibrant Floridian city also offers an artistic facet, which you can travel around in the day. Being in the So Nesta Hotel and Suites Coconut Grove means you are never away from the bustling restaurants, theatres or the stunning shops.

5. Nature comes alive in the prosperous cultural city of Jamaica making it a top holiday spot. A wide range of guesthouse, resorts, hotels and lodges provides fantastic accommodation in this fabulous island.

6. Come to the enchanting Hawaii to enjoy a fun filled beach vacation in the Hilo Seaside Hotel. It is situated nearby the Volcano National Park and offers completely renewed guest quarters. Water skiing and wind surfing is just minutes away from this resort.

7. If you want adventurous rugged mountains, irresistible white sand beach, luxuriant tropical rainforest, vivid cultural background, fantastic cuisine and awesome drink, undoubtedly Mexico is “the” place for you. It offers a range of traditional lodges and modern resorts. You can either unwind on the beach or join several exploring events.

8. Savor your best holiday at the Golden Crown Paradise Spa resort and have a ball of a time with other joyful singles at the Welcome Mixer, at Cancun. You can ‘shop till you drop’ at the great shopping places or go splash in the various water sports that are offered. Relish the breathtaking natural beauty at the Cancun beaches, where the irresistible white sand and serene turquoise sea beckons you.

9. The perfect country holiday can be enjoyed in the Upstate New York with traditional lunch, wine tasting and horse riding. The lush green valleys with rolling hills and acres of luxuriant forest and sprightly rivers will take your breath away. The guide will take you to the Millbrook Vineyard and Winery where you can carry your small picnic lunch at this 130-acre land and also you can take back a wine glass as a memento of your lovely journey.

10. You cant help falling in love in this enchanting city of Montreal , in French Canada. The lovely European appeal is created due to the peaceful co-existence of English and French cultures alongside for years. Relish this distinctive life, the heritage and the fabulous nightlife without worrying a bit about security.

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The writer Johnathan Bakers is specifically interested in ideas relating to Spain and Spanish culture. Sharing his passion in reports, he expressed his experience on areas corresponding to buy property in Spain and Spain.


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Hotspots for 2008

By Chris Bonds

Every year a handful of tourist destinations emerge as the hotspots, the places where everyone wants to be. They can be ‘new discoveries’ or destinations that have been on the tourist map for ages, but received a new lease on life. As we wind down 2007, we take a peek at the places that are destined to become the most sought-after holiday locations this year.

PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia.

Prague has been on the hotspot radar for a number of years, but finally makes it onto the A-list as new designer hotels, restaurants and clubs transform it into Europe’s capital of cool. Nearly two decades since the end of Communist rule, the city of a hundred spires has acquired a new level of sophistication and style. And the best news of all is that Prague is still a great value-for-money destination, where you can experience the charm, history and tradition of other European capitals without spending a fortune.

CAPE TOWN, South Africa

When it comes to beautiful cities, few can match this gem at the tip of Africa. What other city can boast a magnificent mountain, beautiful beaches, sweeping vineyards and architectural gems? Add to that the friendliness of the Cape’s diverse population, the African sunshine and amazing value for money.

With soccer’s World Cup heading for South Africa in 2010, everyone will discover the city’s delights. Among the tantalising activities on offer in this city is a cable-car ride to the top of Table Mountain, wine-tasting in the vineyards of Stellenbosch and Paarl, sun-bathing with supermodels at exclusive Clifton Beach and dining at tiny restaurants in the city’s Moslem Quarter.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

If you’ve been enthralled by the fabled cities of the past, here’s the chance to visit the growth of one of the miracle cities of today. Only a few decades ago, few people could have imagined that Dubai would become the wonder world that it is today and that Dubai hotels would rival the top hotels on the planet. It takes a special breed of developer to conceive what this city in the United Arab Emirates seems to have achieved remarkably effortlessly.

Dubai is truly a dream city where the impossible has been made possible. A golf course in the dunes? No problem! Vast shopping centres and skyscraper office blocks? Consider it done. A ski slope in the torturous heat? Why not? For hotel buffs, Dubai is heaven. Here you can choose from all the world’s top hotel brands, but it is the local developers who have pulled out all the stops. Who has not heard of the Burj al Arab, considered the world’s only seven-star hotel?

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Round The World – World Tour Best Options

By Dani Alonso

It was a dream some years ago, specially for the price. Things have begun to change, and something that began for more than 5,000 euros (7,250 US dollars) is now a reality for a bit more than 2,000 euros (3,000 US dollars). As the airlines industry has grown and the sky has been progressively “released” to new competitors, fares have gone down all of a sudden and now the dream to make a Round the World trip is pure reality.

The thing is… where to begin with? Sometimes it can be tricky enough to plan a trip to one single country, and now those guys are telling you that they have nearly 1.000 airports available to land and you need to choose between all them. Well, that can be pretty tricky and I am really not going to help you in that. Seriously, this is your choice, and there are no real recommendations, just follow your dreams.

Another thing, is choosing which is the best provider either in price and quality of services to choose when going for this adventure. There is a need to understand that a round the world trip is not something provided by an airline alone but by alliances of airlines instead. The 3 big ones in the market nowadays are Star Alliance, One World and Sky Team. I am going to introduce you to the three of them and let you choose the one that fits best your needs.

Star Alliance puts together 841 airports in 157 countries. Air Canada, Lufthansa, Thai, Air New Zealand, Scandinavian Airlines, United, Singapore Airlines, US Airways, Austrian, Spanair, Swiss… these are some of the most important airlines they work with, making a total of 17. They allow you a maximum of 15 stopovers, which they consider stays in one city that last more than 24 hours, and you can travel a maximum of 39,000 miles.

Regarding the fares, they will depend on the class you want to travel in and the number of miles you do, from 26,000 to 39,000, divided in 4 levels of pricing. The only problem is that they don’t offer exact numbers in their web-page and you need to plan all your route, enter your personal data, and then access to a screen where the price will be calculated. The interactive system to plan your trip is very good but I find it a big mistake to do not give any fare estimate.

On the other side, One World has an offer of 10 different airlines. American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Qantas, Royal Jordanian and LAN are some of their best members. Dragonair, considered the best airline in China, joined them recently on the first of November. Even if they have less airlines than their competitor Star Alliance, One World has managed to cover 700 airports in more than 150 countries.

Furthermore, they have two different options for the world tour. One uses this basic airlines and another one, called Global Explorer, for an extra cost will allow you to use airlines that are not members of their alliance. Duration of the trip goes from 10 days up to 12 months, so you have complete freedom to decide depending on your availability

Regarding the price, it will depend on the number of continents you visit and the class you want to travel in. Considering the economy class, fares will vary from 3,900 dollars for the 3-continents route (2700 euros) to 5,300 dollars (3650 euros) for the 6-continents trip, using the non-extended airlines option.

Finally, Sky Team is not left behind at all, with some of the biggest European airlines such as Alitalia, Air France, KLM and Aeroflot. Also offers the rest of the biggest airlines in the world that the other alliances do not include, with names such as Aeromexico, China Southern, Continental Airlines, Delta and Korean Air, totaling 11 plus 3 associated airlines. With 841 cities in 162 countries, it has possibly the widest range of operations.

The situation is the same regarding the time allowed to travel, varying from 10 days to 1 year, and they offer 3 different options depending on your needs, flexibility and pricing. Your choice, as well as with Star Alliance, can vary between 3 and 15 stops along your route. The offer includes 3 price levels for 29,000, 34,000 and 39,000 miles, and also depends on the class. Taking an example with economy class, we could make the 29,000 miles trip for 3450 US dollars (2380 euros), for 4420 dollars the 34,000 miles world tour (3,049 euros), and up to a maximum of 39,000 miles that will cost 5500 dollars (3800 euros) approximately.

As you can see, the decision is not really easy. After all, my best recommendation would be to choose the alliance depending on your dream destinations. Plan your trip before looking at what they offer, make a selection between 3 and 15 cities that you would like to visit, draw the lines in a world map, and then take a look at which one of the 3 alliances is able to bring you to the most of your destinations. The price variance exists, but the strong competence between the three of them makes the difference too little as to take it into account. Plan the trip of your dreams and choose simply who wants to take you there!

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Author Dani Alonso.

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