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Top Ten Golf Resorts in the US

Top Ten Golf Resorts in the US

Golf is one of those sports that you can transport you to some of the world’s most beautiful and luxurious places. Rewarding yourself with a stay at one of the top golf resorts is a sure way to ensure you improve that handicap, and to give yourself an unparalleled golfing experience!

I personally started my golf career on the plain simple grounds of Australia as that country is blessed
with a good part of its land being a natural golf course. Lucky Australians, although golf course qualities varies of course. Australia is a country where some of the world’s prime golf resorts are located. I was lucky enough to stay at Port Douglas’s fabulous golf resort, the Mirage Country Club, for example.

However, we don’t need to fly to the other end of the world in order to find a top quality golf resort. There are many top quality golf resorts in the US, and that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

Top Golf Resorts In the US

The top 10 US Golf resorts as it stands today:

  1. The Pinehurst Resort in Northern California
  2. Kiawah Island Resorts in South Carolina
  3. Pebble Beach resorts in California
  4. Kapalua Bay Hotel and Ocean Villas in Hawaii.
  5. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Oregon
  6. Princeville Resort in Princeville, Hawaii
  7. Dora Golf Resort in Miami Florida
  8. The Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North in Arizona
  9. The Boulders Resort and Golden Door Spa in Arizona
  10. The Greenbrier in West Virginia


This list of 10 golf resorts is chosen by Travel & Leisure’s discriminating readers. There are however other ratings with hundreds of panelists who decide which is the best golf course, depending on various factors ranging from yards, par, points, the course ambiance, the overall feel and atmosphere of the golf course & resort.

So, check these golf courses, but sure don’t limit yourself to just these. There are wonderful golf courses the world over and America is home to some of the best ones.

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Calendar: Art Basel Miami On Now

Art Basel Miami starts now.

It’s a great reason to find a list minute flight and hop on a plane down south for a mini Florida vacation with fun, fantastic parties and art.

Florida beach vacation
Delano Hotel Pool, South Beach, Miami, Florida, USA
Robin Hill

Intrigued? Read the full scoop here:

For other ideas on what to do when there, check our Florida Section of ~ Have fun on your spontaneous Florida beach vacation!

Scuba Diving – Scuba Diving the Wrecks in Florida Keys

By Lilah Tusko

If it weren’t for the coral reef located in the Florida Keys, the United States would have nothing to offer as far as scuba diving and coral reefs are concerned. In addition to the living coral reef that has been a main scuba diving attraction of the Florida Keys for more than 35 years, numerous dive able wrecks are scattered throughout the waters providing exotic and breathtaking artificial reef habitats.

scubadivingwithfishes_serkan icer

Here is a brief overview of some of the wrecks you can visit while scuba diving in the Florida Keys:

Benwood – The Benwood is perhaps the oldest scuba diving wreck site to be found in the Florida Keys. This WWII ship was sunk in 1942 when it collided with another whip while dodging German U-boats near the coast of Florida. While the wreck is not intact (it was blown apart because it presented a boating hazard) it is home to a wide array of marine life. Scuba diving near the Benwood will bring you face to face with critters such as Pork fish, grunts, lobsters, moray eels, glassy sweepers, Sergeant Majors, Goatfish, and Christmas Tree Worms. Since the ship had run aground before it was blown up, the dive is a relatively shallow one and great for novice divers as well as advanced divers.

Cayman Salvage Master – This wreck that can be seen while scuba diving in the Florida Keys is a Cuban refugee vessel that was confiscated by the US government. The ship was tied up to a dock where she sank before she was re-floated. Then, during her burial voyage of 1985, she sank in about 90 feet of water coming to rest on her side. Recently, Hurricane Katrina righted the ship and now divers can swim along the hull and deck hoping to spy huge Jewfish and moray eels that reside in the open hatches of the wreck.

Duane – If you’re experienced at scuba diving, you might want to pay a visit to the wreck Duane while you’re in the Florida Keys area. This US Coast Guard Cutter was intentionally sunk in 120 feet of water in the year 1987. Due to the strong Gulf Stream current and depth associated with the wreck, only advanced divers are allowed to dive this site. The Duane is home to grunts, sponges, chubbs, jacks, barracuda, and numerous tropical fish.

In addition to these three wrecks that can be seen while scuba diving in the Florida Keys, there are several other wrecks in the area that have been intentionally sunk to become artificial reef habitats. Each offers a different experience and a unique look into how the ocean transforms a foreign object into a beautiful habitat where marine life can grow and thrive.

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Vacation in Orlando

By Nixan Crasto

A vacation is a great get away for one and all and when the vacation is in Orlando, one’s heart beats that much faster in anticipation. Orlando is universally acclaimed as the hottest destination for a vacation. No American Dream is complete without a visit to Disney Land and a brush with the celluloid world at Universal Studios. Well, one cannot visit either without going to Orlando. Orlando is fondly and aptly nicknamed ‘The city beautiful’, thanks to its numerous theme parks, resorts and entertainment attractions which play no mean role in helping to rank it as one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. This being the case, tourism has become the driving force for the area’s flourishing economy.

Although Orlando is a hub of tourist activity and abuzz with happenings for a dozen reasons , the single most factor that makes young and old alike gravitate towards it for vacations is the universal favorite Disney Land. Having opened way back in 1971 it created grounds for unprecedented economic growth which catapulted Orlando to its present day popularity as the ultimate fun spot for a vacation.

Generally, vacationers love to visit Orlando during Spring Break, Easter, Thanksgiving and the December holidays. It is definitely an added edge to a vacation spot when one can reach it not only by land or take the air route but also throw in a cruise for better effect because although Orlando is not a sea port it has a cruise terminal not more than a couple of hour’s drive away from it.

The city’s well equipped hotels and spas are well tuned to the needs of vacationers and cram their days in Orlando with as much fun as possible by designing special packages to include the maximum sight seeing tours, excursions and all that Orlando has to offer to accommodate every budget and to suit the needs of every age group right from the all out for fun youngsters to the discerning and artistically inclined. Also on the must -see list are the Patrick Air Force Base, The Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and The Kennedy Space Center which is approximately an hour’s drive East of Orlando.

Vacations to this part of the world are replete with visits to malls, concerts, restaurants, spas, music shows, swimming, art and culture exhibitions and golf for golfers apart from the usual round of trips to the innumerable theme and amusement parks. All in all, a vacation in Orlando is a complete holiday experience which fulfills the senses, enriches the soul whether one is a single or married with kids.

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Top 10 Orlando Day Trips

Orlando is a versatile holiday destination, with loads of options for day trips.

While Disney World, Worldwide Orlando and Sea World Orlando are all toppers for any family’s Orlando vacation, you will definitely want to take a day or more during your holiday to dodge the crowds at theme parks. Fortunately, Orlando also has diverse attractions where you can spend a relaxing morning without a maddening crowd.

10 of the best Orlando day trips

1. Busch Gardens Africa: The Busch Gardens in Tampa is a theme park, but it draws fewer visitors (4.3 million in 2006) than Disney World, worldwide Orlando or Sea World Orlando. In addition, Busch Gardens skin some assorted buzz rides and attractions such as Sheik, Florida’s first dive coaster, which boasts two 90 drops at 70 miles per hour.

2. Cypress Gardens Adventure square: Opened in 1936 as Florida’s first theme square, Cypress Gardens in iciness harbor still skin its lovely botanical gardens and spectacular water-ski shows, but has added buzz rides, live concerts and the spatter Island Water square over the elapsed few existence.

What an exciting way to begin this article, now let’s take a look at what else we can learn about this topic!

3. Kennedy Measure crux: Just 45 summary East of Orlando, the Kennedy Measure crux gives you and your family the once-in-a-existence opportunity to explore the incredible memoirs of American measure departure and outlook rockets and exhibits, tour launch areas, timepiece a 3-D measure picture at an IMAX acting and greatly more.

4. Silver Springs: allocated as Florida’s inventive Theme square, Silver Springs falsehood near Ocala and boasts quaint botanical gardens, animal habitats, live shows, rides, field shops and the world-notorious wineglass floor vessel rides.

5. Florida Aquarium: Opened in 1995, the Florida Aquarium in Tampa is home to more than 10,000 river animals and plants from all over the world such as alligators, humid fish, sharks, stingrays and sea turtles, as well as interactive exhibits.

6. Lowry square Zoo: Approximately 1,600 animals can be out looked in their physical habitats at Tampa’s Lowry square Zoo, which also skin a Florida animal’s crux, aviary, petting zoo, live shows and more.

7. Canaveral subject shoreline: One of just 10 subject shorelines in the United States, Canaveral subject shoreline is the highest stretch of undeveloped coast along Florida’s East Coast. Standard activities here contain sunbathing, swimming, breakers fishing, breaker sing and climbing.

8. focal Florida Zoological square: Just a fleeting energy up Interstate 4 in Sanford falsehood the focal Florida Zoological square, which is home to hundreds of animals, counting alligators, cheetahs, leopards, elephants and monkeys.

9. Daytona USA: Adjacent to the Daytona International Speedway, Daytona USA skin racing exhibits, wave simulator rides, the World crux of Racing Visitors crux and behind-the-scenes tours of the speedway.

10. Salvador Dali Museum: Nestled in downtown St. Petersburg, the Salvador Dali Museum boasts the most comprehensive collection of unending plant by notorious surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

When we begin to bring this information together, it starts to form the main idea of what this subject is about.

By Clark Sup

Vacation Ideas – Weekend Getaway at West Palm Beach, Florida, USA


By Connie Limon

At West Palm Beach there are sunny skies and almost perfect weather year-round.

Enjoy a wide variety of outdoor and cultural attractions at West Palm Beach, Florida in the U.S.A. There is golf at several pristine local courses. The Lion Country Safari is a unique place to visit. Take a look at African chimps and endangered species like the Southern White rhinoceros as they wonder around freely in a natural habitat at the Lion Country Safari.

Other vacation ideas and attractions at West Palm Beach include:

• Peanut Island at 2400 North Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A. feature day tours as well as group tours. Telephone: 561-966-6600 or 88-366-5004. Peanut Island has a dock, anchorage, designated swimming area, snorkeling, sandbars, picnic areas, restrooms, showers, camping facilities, footpath, museum and presidential nuclear bomb shelter.

View crystal clear blue water on incoming tides. The large ships at Port of Palm Beach and the famous homes of Palm Beach are nearby. Peanut Island is manmade out of a huge pile of dredged sand created over the past 80 years. The name is derived from a peanut oil shipping terminal that at one time was to be built there.

• The Lion Country Safari located at 2003 Lion Country Safari Road, Loxahatchee, Florida, U.S.A. features giraffes, apes, rhinos, African chimps and more roaming free in a drive-thru wildlife preserve. Telephone: 561-793-1084.

• Shopping at City Place is popular among visitors and residents. The architecturally unique for southern Florida shopping center looks like a European town and includes more than 50 well-known retail shops. Restaurants and fast-food eateries are also available in this shopping center at 700 S. Rosemary Avenue, West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A

• Golf at the Emerald Dunes Golf Course that is especially known for the Super Dune. The Super Dune is a peak with a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding areas. This is a very popular golf course that includes three tees, three greens and a gorgeous cascading waterfall. Emerald Dunes Golf Course is located at 2100 Emerald Dunes Drive, West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A. telephone: 561-687-1700

• The Norton Museum of Art: Is the largest art museum in Florida and has recently undergone a multi-million dollar renovation. The permanent collections at Norton Museum of Art include masterpieces by artists such as Picasso, Monet and Matisse. Norton Museum of Art is located at 1451 S. Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, Florida. Telephone: 561-832-5196

Where to stay when you get there

If you prefer luxury hotels, review the following for vacations ideas:

• The Breakers is extremely popular in West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A. with rooms starting at $289

Moderately priced hotels include:

• The Hilton Singer Island Oceanfront Resort with rooms starting at $145.

• Hotel Biba in West Palm Beach with rooms starting at $59.

If your weekend getaway vacation ideas include traveling on a budget, review the following hotels:

• Crowne Plaza West Palm Beach with rooms starting from $126.

• Comfort Inn Palm Beach Lakes have rooms starting at $69.

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