Day Tours of Rome: touring through Rome is a journey through time

Day Tours of Rome | touring through Rome is a journey through time |

These 1-day tours will lead you on a journey through centuries of time, all within 1 day. Rome is a city full of architectural and cultural treasures of incomparable charms. On these tours of Rome, you will see the most ancient pagan and religious sights, which comprise the rich heritage of Rome.

Each day tour will take you approximately 9 hours to complete. You have three options for undertaking: buy a seat in one of the coach buses and they’ll drive you around all day. You can hire an independent guide who seems to be available everywhere. Arrange your price upfront and make sure you’ll know what is included. Or, simply bring your guide book, put your running shoes on, buy an inexpensive bus/metro day pass which you can buy at the many local kiosks throughout town, and if one is not included in your guide book, buy a bus map.

Tour Route Through Rome Featuring Important Religious Sites

PART I: This tour starts with the Vatican museums. Be aware of long lines in the summer. Start your track at crack of dawn and you will be fine. There will still be lines, but they are bearable. Other sites to visit right here include the Vatican galleries, Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Library Hall. Then it is time for (a late) lunch.

After lunch, head over to another part of time to do part II of your 1-day in Rome tour. Part II of this tour includes the Basilica of St Mary Major, the Basilica of St John in Lateran and The Catacombs of St. Callixtus.

Leaving from Piazza San Bernardo, crossing Piazza della Repubblica, you can go along Via Nationaleto visit the Basilica of St. Mary Major. This sites is built uponthe Esquiline Hile in 352 AD.

Following this, you will visit the Basilica of St. John in Lateran, which is the cathedral of Rome and the world. AT this site, you can go up the Holy Stairs, climbed by Jesus Crhist to reach Pilate’s Palace.

Next, hit the bus and Cross Piazza San Giovanni and Via Latina. If you shirt around the Mura Latine, you will pass through the Porta di San Sebastiano toarrive on the ancient Via Appia. This is where you will find the Chapel of ‘Domine Quo Vadis’. Beyond this you will arrive at the catabombs of St. Callixtus. It is worth spending some time here.

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Trevi Fountain, Rome, Lazio, Italy.
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Rome 1-Day Tour Route Visiting The City’s Main Historic Sites

Part I:
Trevi Fountain
Piazza Navona
Vatican city: St Peter’s Basilica
From the Trevi Fountain continue along Via Quattro Fontane to see the gorgeous fountains of the four seasons.

Part II:
Roman Forum
Basilica of St Paul’s outside the wall

With this tour you will get to enjoy sites of the classic Rome Empire, in all their splendour. Leaving Piazza San Bernando, adorned by the Moses’ Fountain, you will head for Piazza della Republicca. When you go along the Via Nationale, you will arrive in Piazza Venezia. On the square you will find on one side the memorial to Jubg Vittorio Emanuelle II, and the famous tomb ofthe unknown soldier.

Your next destination is the square of the Capitol, where you get to enjoy the architectonic genius of Michelangelo. The suare is the seat of the Rome’s town hall. It offers an unique sight of tyhe Forum and of the Palastine Hill, complete with a view of the world-famous Colosseum. Walking over ancient pavement, you will cross the Roman Forum. Ride along to go th the Aventine Hill to visit the Basilica of St. Paul’s outside the walls.

Route through Rome – Half Religious, Half Historian

Of course, you can devise your own tour, and mix and match sites. I would choose the first 4 sites of one tour with the next 4 sites of the other tour, so as to create feasible sightseeing days.

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Sepia Map of Rome
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An alternative Day Tour: An Audience with the Pope

If you want to do something really special and of religious significance, you can arrange an audience with the Holy Father.

Every Wednesday (when he is in town), the Pope holds a public audience in front of the St. Peter’s Basilica. While it is free to participate, reservations have to be made a week or more in advance, and you will need to pick up your ticket the day prior to the audience from a nearby cathedral. Newly weds have a special section assigned to them. Details are on the website of the Vatican.

Written by J. Lee

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