New England – video Prayer stones

Oh, just when you thought that New England was all about pretty ‘English’ early American architecture, or just the place where the claim chowder came from, think again. New England was ‘discovered’ and populated well and truly before the English came around.

Review this video, for example. It features an unusual sight that is of interest to New England’s locals and tourists alike. They are the sight of the ancient stone structures built by native Americans in the woods of Southern New England.

The United Southern & Eastern Tribes (USET) calls them Ceremonial Stone Landscapes.
They are characterized by dry stone walls, rock piles (cairns), stone chambers, unusually-shaped boulders, split boulders with stones inserted in the split, and boulders propped up off the ground with smaller rocks.

USET about the sites:
“For thousands of years before the immigration of Europeans, the medicine people of the USET Tribal ancestors used these sacred landscapes to sustain the people’s reliance on Mother Earth and the spirit energies of balance and harmony”.

Written by J. Lee

A seasoned world traveller, J. Lee writes about his weekend trips away, travel for work, and his many Europe vacations.

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