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By Marc Weiss

Travelers to New Zealand’s North Island can expect unique scenery and adventures beckoning around every corner.

The North and the South Island of New Zealand are very diverse regarding scenery and geographical makeup. The North Island is warm and with a scenery scope from sandy beaches, through rolling farmland to active volcanic peaks. It is home of about 73 percent of the nation’s population and is maybe best recognized for the unique volcanic plateau at its centre. The North Island (115000sq km) is home to Auckland, the nation’s largest city, and Rotorua, the current centre for the Maori culture.

Let’s have a look at two very famous areas of the North Island the Coromandel Peninsula and Rotorua.

The Coromandel Region of New Zealand is truly a special place, a short drive outside Auckland city. Coromandel is located east of Auckland, on the east coast of the North Island. This region is one of New Zealand’s leading coastal holiday destinations due to the wonderful white sandy beaches and sunny weather of the area. It is portrayed as rustic, relaxed, magnificent and unspoiled. On the arrival of the Europeans in New Zealand Coromandel Peninsula was covered in kauri forest, and many huge trees grew there. Coromandel is the name of a town and harbour on the western side of the Coromandel Peninsula. The town of Coromandel is lovely and old. Coromandel stands for New Zealand’s intact beauty displaying natural world as it was meant to be.

Rotorua is located near the centre of New Zealand’s North Island. It sits on the shores of Lake Rotorua and several other lakes are nearby. You will find a great variety in Rotorua attractions, activities and culture which makes this place a very famous New Zealand tourist destination. Beside the geothermal wonders, there are also the more common water activities such as fishing and boating. Tourism is a key industry in Rotorua. Therefore the tourism services are well developed. This region is the centre of Maori Culture and thermal activity for New Zealand. We recommend exploring the geothermal wonders of Rotorua. Enjoy the natural spas, geysers, hot pools and bubbling mud pools Rotorua has to offer. It has the most energetic thermal activity in the country. Afterwards it might be interesting to take in a Maori hangi (a method of cooking in an outdoor pit oven) and concert.

About the Author

Marc Weiss is an editor of the German “New Zealand Journal” (the German title is “Neuseeland Journal“), one of the most comprehensive, German speaking online travel guides to New Zealand. Before joining the “Neuseeland Journal” Marc spent a lot of time exploring New Zealand.