Premier Accommodation Option in St. Tropez

By Anabelle Lim-balanzar

Dubbed as the millionaire’s playground, St. Tropez is home to some of the world’s most immaculate beaches. This medieval town remains to be well-known for its yachts that line along the harbors, and the expensive cars that cruise its streets.

As a tourist mecca for the rich and famous, St. Tropez has its share of the best and the most private luxury villas in the world. Villazzo Villa Hotels are among those who cater to the special needs of the elite. With seven St. Tropez luxury property rentals to choose from, guests are assured of an unforgettable vacation experience in this fashionable town.

Villa Hotel Katarina exudes a kind of glamour that is far more superior to what five-star hotels have. Located within a short walk of the Mediterranean Sea, this opulent property speaks of un-equalled elegance through its Versace signature furnishings and luxurious amenities. Take pleasure as Katarina provides you with the level of sophistication that only a Villazzo Villa Hotel can give.

Villazzo’s Villa Hotel La Forge drips charm and remarkable uniqueness. Set within well-maintained gardens, La Forge boasts of spectacular views from every corner. Each detail of its architecture has been meticulously-planned to ensure that guests receive the best type of accommodation in St. Tropez.

St Tropez, Cote d’Azur, France

Ideally-situated at the heart of St. Tropez, the Villa Hotel Village is known as the town’s lone grand mansion. Unlike other St. Tropez luxury villa rentals, the Village is new but is designed to match the medieval atmosphere of the town. The modern interior that is specially-designed to emanate a classic appeal is part of the high standards known in all Villazzo Villa Hotels.

A Mediterranean-inspired luxury accommodation is available at the VillaHotel Eldorym in St. Tropez. With its 4 bedrooms, superb bathroom facilities, spacious living room, and inviting swimming pool, the Eldorym speaks of a mixture of both classic elegance and unique modernity.

Villa Hotel Les Pins defines superiority best. Located within the most exclusive area of St. Tropez, it is built according to a Provencal-inspired theme. The villa’s concept is not only creative and elaborate, but incalculably relaxing as well, as defined by its expansive gardens and comfortable living room furniture. An elegantly-chic haven and a casual relaxation venue, Villa Hotel Les Pins is the ultimate accommodation option in St. Tropez.

The beaches of St. Tropez are among the town’s greatest treasures. VillaHotel Dolce Vita recognizes this and offers its guests the absolute convenience of living right next to one of the world’s finest beaches. The villa boasts of an immensely attractive, yet highly unique accommodation style. As among the grandest villas in St. Tropez, the Dolce Vita radiates elegance, comfort, and enjoyment in the same proportions.

Villa Hotel Patricia is a paradise all on its own. Set in a Provencal-Mediterranean-combined theme, this villa exudes an enchanting atmosphere, emphasized by its fabulous view of the sea and the magnificent collection of white roses in its landscaped garden. Villa Hotel Patricia is definitely unlike any other luxury villa or five-star hotel in St. Tropez.

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