Snowboarding Holiday- Fun Places To Go For The Whole Family

By Jeremy Hier

Snowboarding, is quickly becoming one of the most popular family holidays. One of the largest appeals to the family is that it is an active sport which provides plenty of exercise for everyone. With today’s inactive lifestyles, more families are leaning towards taking an active family holiday that provides plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Snowboarding is a winter sport which has evolved from skateboarding and surfing. When snowboarding, you ride an epoxy-fiberglass board which resembles a large skateboard. Your feet are strapped to the snowboard while you ride it down a ski slope or a special snowboard pipe. Basically, you are surfing down the ski slope.

Unlike skiing, where you shift your weight from one ski to the other, when snowboarding you shift your weight from heels to toes as well as from one end of the snowboard to the other end.

Although many people think that snowboarding is similar to skiing, it is really more similar to skateboarding and surfing. The only similarity to skiing is that both are done on snow and can be done on a ski slope.

Colorado is a great state for a snowboarding holiday

Colorado is infamous for being home of the largest ski-able mountain. Vail resort is at the top of this mountain and boasts 33 lifts, 193 trails, and 5.289 ski-able acres of land. Vail resort has also been recognized for offering the finest of services and ski and snowboarding instruction.

Vail is great place for a family snowboarding holiday, because they are challenging enough for the intermediate snowboarders in the family, while at the same time their 1,500 instructors are always available to provide help to beginners. At Vail, snowboarders will find themselves in friendly territory. A special map will show you where to find places for freestyle snowboarding as well as half-pipes and snowboarding terrain parks.

Crested Butte in Colorado is another area that is well known by snowboarders. However, Crested Butte is not the best place to go for a family holiday. It is not a good area for children or beginners and is best left to intermediate snowboarders. It is very steep and ungroomed and it is packed with cliff jumps and tree runs. The night life in this area can also get a little wild, and the area is not really suited for family entertainment.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is another area to consider for a family snowboarding holiday. Jackson Wyoming has changed in more recent years. Historically, it was known as a summer hunting ground for various Indian tribes. The United States acquired Wyoming from France in 1803, and it was a frontier town for all of the nineteenth century. The busiest time for Wyoming is the summer months when people head out to visit Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Park.

Winter is their off season, which makes it a nice spot for a snowboarding family holiday. It is easy to find accommodations, prices are lower in the off season, and you are not apt to find a lot of people, lines and waits while you are there.

The Jackson Hole Ski area is an excellent place for both beginners and intermediate snowboarders, making it a wonderful family holiday spot. Located on Rendezvous Mountain, this resort consists of two peaks. It is an excellent playground for all levels of snowboarders with its uncrowded lifts and variant degree of difficulty trails. The top half of Rendezvous Mountain is for extreme snowboarders, while the lower half has easier more manageable trails.

Because Jackson Hole is at a lower elevation than some other areas, they do get a shorter season. However, they still get around 32 feet of good fluffy snow every winter.

Utah Resorts are welcoming families for their snowboarding holiday. In an attempt to increase business, Utah resorts are making it easier for families to choose them for their snowboarding holiday destination. The statewide program is called “Kids Ride Free”. Nearly every resort in Utah is offering free children’s lift tickets with the purchase of an adult lift ticket. In addition to this, many resorts in Utah are making themselves “family friendly” by offering snowboard classes, day camp programs for children and child care centers for babies as young as three months.

Alta Resort, located in the Albion base area, offers childcare for children 3 – 12 months old and classes for children four years – teens.

Brian Head resort is well known for their family atmosphere. Brian Head has a Kids Camp, for children age 12 and under. This is a fully supervised childcare winter sport instruction program. Brian Head also offers child care for children aged 6 weeks and older at their fully licensed child care center.

Brighton Resort has always been known as a fun, affordable place for a winter family holiday. They offer an affordable all day ticket at a price that hasn’t gone up for several years. An adult lift ticket is still $41 and children 10 and under continues to get free lift tickets. Brighton offers all levels of snowboarding instruction classes. They also have instructors that will take you to areas of the resort that you would not have found on your own.

Some other resorts in Utah that are also great family snowboarding holiday destinations include Deer Valley Resort, Park City Mountain Resort, Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort, Solitude and Sundance. All of these are following the Utah State Wide movement to become the favorite family snowboarding holiday spot. They each offer some form of child care, classes and instruction, and have facilities for advanced and intermediate snowboarders alike.

Snowboarding can be a wonderful family holiday. Whether you go to one of these destinations, or visit a ski area closer to home, snowboarding can be a holiday activity that the whole family can enjoy. While some family members might pick up the sport quickly and advance to more challenging trails or snowboard pipes, you do not have to be an expert at snowboarding to enjoy it.

Snowboarding is a great family activity which provides a lot of exercise, fresh air, fun and laughter for everyone. Why not consider it for your next family holiday?

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