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Have you been dreaming about going to Spain? If you have, then you most likely have some places that you will want to visit. Why not go on a Spain bike tour and combine the best of sightseeing and biking? This would help you to see Spain in a way that few people do. You will learn more about taking a Spain bike tour in this article.

Spain Bike Tour: Running of the Bulls

This popular event is what most people who visit Spain think of. This event lasts for an entire week beginning on July 7th every single year. The event is held at the Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona, where you can see the men in traditional Spanish dress running down the streets with bulls chasing them. There are smaller bull runnings in other cities across Spain, including Sanguesa (September 11th – 17th), Estella (first Saturday in August), Tudela (July 24th – 28th), and Tafalla (August 20th – 25th). You cannot visit Spain without seeing the Running of the Bulls.

Flamenco Dance, Spain, photo by Michal Jarocinski

Spain Bike Tour: Flamenco Dancing

Flamenco dancing is another thing that most people associate with Spain and there is an entire week devoted to this kind of dancing in Seville each April. This event began as a cattle market, but it has gradually evolved into a flamenco dancing event with Tapas and wine tastings. This event is not to be missed with all of its bright colors and fun. This is a not to be missed event on your Spain bike tour.

Spain Bike Tour: Passion of Christ

This event is normally help during Easter Week (two weeks before the Febria de Abril) and it consists of people acting out the Passion of Christ story. This event brings in thousands of people who watch this very emotional event. It was first created by Catholic priests to help make the store more real and understandable to people. If you are on your Spain bike tour during this time, then you will not want to miss this event.

Spain Bike Tour: Las Fallas de San José

This event is the springtime celebration in Valencia. This ten day event consists of fireworks, costumes, flamenco dancing, and bullfights. On the last day of the event (March 19th), the cardboard constructions are burned to the ground.

Spain Bike Tour: Ceremonia del Tributo de las tres Vacas

This event began back in 1375 and it is translated as the “Three Cow Tribute Ceremony.” It is located in the Roncal Valley of Spain on July 13th. It is centered around a ceremony where the French citizens of the Baretous valley gave three cows to the citizens of Piedra San Martin in tribute. They are costumed in medieval gowns. It is a beautiful event to visit on your Spain bike tour.

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