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Activities In Italy – Cycling and Skiing

By Clyde Lee Dennis

When it comes to activities and things to do in Italy it should be noted that skiing and cycling are two of the countries favorite past times.

When it comes to skiing expenses have gotten so out of hand that many skiers are now looking to Eastern Europe for cheaper ski trips, but while there are certainly bargains to be found in the Balkans, the resorts tend be less developed than in Western Europe and offer less extensive terrain.

So what does the cash strapped skier do?

For many, the answer lies in the not so well known ski resort of Livingo, Italy.
Set in the Italian Alps Livigno offers extensive skiing without forcing you to break the bank. With 33 lifts and 110km of skiing, the area attracts all levels of snow seeking sports fans.

The wide open runs are perfect for beginners who are just learning to ski, intermediates more interested in progressing, and the terrain park and easy back country access will definitely keep more advanced skiers and snowboarders happy.

The town has avoided the rapid building boom of imposing concrete high rise hotels that has blighted some of the more famous ski resorts in Western Europe. Instead, Livigno remains a town with plenty of rustic charm. The traditional wooden chalets and small rural buildings are easy on the eye and add to the natural charm of the surroundings.

The best thing about Livigno is the price, due to its duty free status which was introduced by the Austro-Hungarian Empire about 160 years ago. It’s thought that Livigno’s remote nature, which was completely cut off from the rest of the country during the harsh winters, was largely the reason it was made into a tax free haven. Even nowadays, only three roads connect the town with other areas. Though improvements in building technology and snow clearance mean that access is no longer a problem.

About the only downside to Livigno is the slight inaccessibility of the area from major airports. It’s about a three hour drive from Bergamo or Innsbruck, but with regular buses going to the resorts on a regular basis or with privately taken rental cars readily available in Italy, getting to Livigno really isn’t too difficult.

As for cycling, there are many cities that you’ll want to visit should you take one of the many cycling tours you’ll find available. From riding the gondolas in Venice to visiting the Roman ruins, you can find all different kinds of activities and scenery to enjoy while you are cycling through this country. Your cycling in Italy trip will be full of interesting historical sights and once in a lifetime spots to make memories. You will be able to help give your children and family a trip that they will never forget. You’ll want to plan your cycling tour well ahead of time in order to enjoy the sights that Italy has to offer you and your family.

If you’re concerned this types of activities may be too expensive for you, you might be pleasantly surprised. I you go online and do a little research you’re sure to find many different companies that offer skiing and cycling tours throughout Italy. I shouldn’t be to hard to then just pick the best deal. Competition can work to your advantage in this case, because they are each trying to get your business. You should be able to find other activities in Italy that will fit your budget as well.

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