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Eco Tourism

It is also called ecological tourism, is a type of tourism which appeals to those who are ecologically and socially conscious. Speaking on a broad base, ecotourism focuses on local culture, wilderness adventures, volunteering, personal growth, and learning new ways to live on the planet; typically involving travel to destinations where flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions. Ecotourism is all about an intense connection of conservation, communities, and sustainable travel.

“Ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves our environment and improves the well-being of local people.”

This means that those who implement and participate in responsible tourism activities should follow the following ecotourism rules:
• minimize impact
• build environmental, cultural awareness and respect
• provide constructive experiences for both visitors and hosts
• provide direct fiscal benefits for efforts of conservation
• provide financial benefits and social empowerment for the host
• raise sensitivity to host countries’ political, environmental, and social climate

What is responsible travel?

Responsible travel is travel with a purpose. When you choose Volunteering India as a part of your ecotour, we assure you that we work to protect the environment and benefit local cultures and communities.

Who travels responsibly?

Anyone who is socially conscious can be a responsible traveler! You plan that trip to nature, or bathe in luxury… hike into the rainforest, or explore the city… stay close to home, or travel to the most exotic location of your dreams. Responsible travel provides a plethora of options and is often very affordable. With us you can explore India along with helping in our efforts to conserve the nature.

Planning your Trip with a little planning, you can improve the quality of your trip, while making a real difference to the people and places you visit.

1. Get In touch: Call us, email us or visit us for the firsthand knowledge of the place you are considering visiting. Check the websites of all the details and check with us again.

2. Ask questions: Let us know that you are a responsible consumer. Before you book, ask about our social and environmental policies. For instance: What is your environmental policy? What percentage of your employees are local citizens? Do we support any projects to benefit the local community or that which conserves our environment? Answer: Yes to all.

3. Choose wisely: Is our organization certified and has it taken up any projects that help directly the community? Yes.

If you have any further questions on Ecotourism or what we do with regards to ecotourism, please feel free to ask us.

By Priyanka Amarnath

About the Author

Priyanka Amarnath a free lance writer helps a Non Profit organization called Volunteering India ( Her email is