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Where to go in Andalucia, Spain

Where to go in Andalucia, Spain

If traveling with friends, you might want to visit Barcelona — easily the trendiest city of Spain. But when you want romance,…. then you go to Andalucia!

Where to go in Andalucía

Besides its capital Seville, there are many different places to go visit. It’s has a strong cultural heritage, beautiful building and adorable villages.

As there’s nothing quite like seeing a location, here’s a Rick Steves video on Andalucía, The Best of Southern Spain. I think it does a good job of explaining the reasons why you should go visit Andalucia: the region’s culture, attractions and places to go see, and of course, the romance to be had! Enjoy!

Vacation Rentals – 4 Tips To Rent At Affordable Prices

By Rishabh Sogani

Vacation rentals have emerged as an excellent substitute to hotel rooms. Several benefits offered by these vacation homes have made them the first choice of tourists all over the world. Some of the major advantages are more space, homely comforts and complete privacy that are enticing countless tourists. Here are 4 useful tips on how you can enjoy all these benefits by paying less money.

1. Choose The Right Destination

First of all, pick the right destination. There are many destinations where vacation rentals are available at reasonable prices. Mexico, Goa and Bulgaria are just few examples of this kind of places. If Europe is the continent where you wish to go, think of Portugal and Spain, as you can get homes there within your means.

2. Choose A Remote Location

Next, you need to consider location of vacation rentals. Try to rent at a distance from the locations in high demand and you can get larger villas with many additional features like swimming pool at much lower rates. You should not hesitate while making any such decision because remotely located vacation condos have their own advantages.

You get an opportunity to spend your vacations at a calm and peaceful location while enjoying countryside settings. Moreover, you will not miss the pleasure of beach activities also because you have the option of hiring a car that can take you there in very short period. So, you can clinch a nice deal by making a little compromise.

3. Plan Your Vacation During Off Season

Timing of your vacations is also very important if you wish to enjoy benefits of vacation houses by paying less money. Get information about peak tourist season and off-season at the destination you are going. Then, plan your vacations when inflow of tourists is minimum. You will get a wider range of vacation homes, villas and condos to choose from. Moreover, owners will be happy to offer you discounts up to 30 %. You can also save some money on flights and hiring cars when you visit during off-season.

4. Contact Owner Directly

Always rent directly from the owner. When you rent with the help of an agency, they eat up a major portion of rent as fees. Owner will be happy to pass on a part of his or her savings when you rent directly from him or her without any mediating agency.

About the Author

Rishabh Sogani has been writing articles on various topics for more than two years. You can get your FREE copy of Vacation Home Rental Ebook and see more of Rishabh’s articles on vacation home rentals on his website at Vacation Home Rentals located at