Best Scuba Diving Destinations

After scuba diving for many years, I became enthralled with the sport and decided to search out the world’s best places to scuba dive. The options of great scuba diving destinations are endless, but here are my top three diving sites.


Beginning with the Red Sea in Egypt, there is no other scuba diving like this place. It is one of the best places to scuba dive I’ve found. The water is incredibly clear and with the right scuba gear, you can dive and see some amazing sea life.

The next best place to scuba dive is in Malta. This place offers great visibility as well, but the diving with scuba gear is protected by the Maltese Island government. When you scuba dive in this amazing place, you will see octopus and rays of every kind.

Finally, the third best place to scuba dive is in Costa Rica. I can’t believe the fish I saw in my dive off the shores of Costa Rica. Scuba diving in the world’s best water is a hobby of mine, so I’ve seen some fabulous fish, but none like the underwater life I saw here. Keep up the great scuba diving and enjoy these wonderful scuba diving locations.

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