Top 10 Best Things to See and Do in Paris

Just in case you are ‘all excited’ about learning THE 10 best things in Paris, I have to warn you that there really isn’t an agreed up ‘top 10’ of best things to visit in Paris.

What constitutes ‘best’ depends on who you are and what excites you. However, most of the ‘Top 10’ destinations within Paris that I’m highlighting here should be included in the itinerary of any visit to Paris, as they are of international fame and universal interest.


Paris has always been a place for kings, royal prestige, art and romance. So, in this context then, let me offer …


Top 10 Best Things To See & Do In Paris, France

1.  Eiffel Tower  (La Tour Eiffel)


Photo by Thalamus

The Eiffel tower is the icon that stands for ‘Paris, France’.

Possibly the most visited paid monument around the world.  It’s one of those great –all-around places: wonderful to picnic under and great to take photos from the top, and delightful to walk.

This building, which is the tallest in Paris, was constructed in 1889 for the World Fair.  Currently also used as radio broadcasting tower.



On to the 2nd Best Thing To See & Do in Paris ….

Written by Sophia Caravaggio

She writes about her worldwide travels, and, occasionally, about dream vacations she has yet to take. Sophia has lived in Italy, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, UK, Canada and the USA. She revels in discovering sacred sites and beautiful, romantic locations.

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