Top 10 Best Things to See and Do in Paris

2. The Louvre Museum (Musee du Louvre)


Photo by Edwin 11

It was a scandal at first, this big glass pyramid in the center of one of Paris’ most architecturally interesting and important buildings, but over the years, it has grown on us. Now the glass pyramid is as much an icon of the Louvre as the palace walls it resides within.

The Louvre is one of the world’s best and most famous museums. It’s range and quality of art is arguably second to none. While it’s flagship painting is still the Mona Lisa to date, there are numerous famous artworks on display.

While utterly French, the museum is also as internationally oriented as it can be: self-guided tours in many languages can accompany you and transform your pleasant viewing into an in-depth learning experience.

Check out the virtual tour of the Louvre online, you can see why it has to be included in my top 10. The museum is downtown Paris.



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Written by Sophia Caravaggio

She writes about her worldwide travels, and, occasionally, about dream vacations she has yet to take. Sophia has lived in Italy, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, UK, Canada and the USA. She revels in discovering sacred sites and beautiful, romantic locations.

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