Top 10 Best Things to See and Do in Paris


Photo by Jean-Pierre Lavoie

Day and night a pleasant addition to any visit to Paris.  Seeing things from the water sure gives you a completely different perspective, and you get to learn about buildings that you otherwise might have just walked by.

Lots of sightseeing information is included in these guided tour cruises around town. Make sure you sit near well-functioning loudspeakers so that you can actually understand what’s being said,  in French or English.

Tip: Memorize what ‘starboard’ means so you can actually follow the tour and know which building they are talking about.



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Written by Sophia Caravaggio

She writes about her worldwide travels, and, occasionally, about dream vacations she has yet to take. Sophia has lived in Italy, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, UK, Canada and the USA. She revels in discovering sacred sites and beautiful, romantic locations.

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