Orlando is a versatile holiday destination, with loads of options for day trips.

While Disney World, Worldwide Orlando and Sea World Orlando are all toppers for any family’s Orlando vacation, you will definitely want to take a day or more during your holiday to dodge the crowds at theme parks. Fortunately, Orlando also has diverse attractions where you can spend a relaxing morning without a maddening crowd.

10 of the best Orlando day trips

1. Busch Gardens Africa: The Busch Gardens in Tampa is a theme park, but it draws fewer visitors (4.3 million in 2006) than Disney World, worldwide Orlando or Sea World Orlando. In addition, Busch Gardens skin some assorted buzz rides and attractions such as Sheik, Florida’s first dive coaster, which boasts two 90 drops at 70 miles per hour.

2. Cypress Gardens Adventure square: Opened in 1936 as Florida’s first theme square, Cypress Gardens in iciness harbor still skin its lovely botanical gardens and spectacular water-ski shows, but has added buzz rides, live concerts and the spatter Island Water square over the elapsed few existence.

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3. Kennedy Measure crux: Just 45 summary East of Orlando, the Kennedy Measure crux gives you and your family the once-in-a-existence opportunity to explore the incredible memoirs of American measure departure and outlook rockets and exhibits, tour launch areas, timepiece a 3-D measure picture at an IMAX acting and greatly more.

4. Silver Springs: allocated as Florida’s inventive Theme square, Silver Springs falsehood near Ocala and boasts quaint botanical gardens, animal habitats, live shows, rides, field shops and the world-notorious wineglass floor vessel rides.

5. Florida Aquarium: Opened in 1995, the Florida Aquarium in Tampa is home to more than 10,000 river animals and plants from all over the world such as alligators, humid fish, sharks, stingrays and sea turtles, as well as interactive exhibits.

6. Lowry square Zoo: Approximately 1,600 animals can be out looked in their physical habitats at Tampa’s Lowry square Zoo, which also skin a Florida animal’s crux, aviary, petting zoo, live shows and more.

7. Canaveral subject shoreline: One of just 10 subject shorelines in the United States, Canaveral subject shoreline is the highest stretch of undeveloped coast along Florida’s East Coast. Standard activities here contain sunbathing, swimming, breakers fishing, breaker sing and climbing.

8. focal Florida Zoological square: Just a fleeting energy up Interstate 4 in Sanford falsehood the focal Florida Zoological square, which is home to hundreds of animals, counting alligators, cheetahs, leopards, elephants and monkeys.

9. Daytona USA: Adjacent to the Daytona International Speedway, Daytona USA skin racing exhibits, wave simulator rides, the World crux of Racing Visitors crux and behind-the-scenes tours of the speedway.

10. Salvador Dali Museum: Nestled in downtown St. Petersburg, the Salvador Dali Museum boasts the most comprehensive collection of unending plant by notorious surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

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