Top 15 Greek Islands, ranked from Best to Least Favourite

According to a friend (who speaks Greek) who has visited all 15 of these Greek Islands

  1. Milos
  2. Paxos – close to Corfu
  3. Cephalonia
  4. Santorini – Direct flight from LGW
  5. Corfu – better to fly, very close to Puglia Italy
  6. Naxos = 5 hr ferry.
  7. Mykonos = famous, £££, island of winds,
  8. Sifnos = recommended by Lena.
  9. Serifos
  10. Hydra – easy ferry from Ermioni
  11. Amorgos
  12. Tinos
  13. Symi
  14. Crete
  15. Rhodes (bad fire in 2023)

Do you agree or disagree with this ranking?




Transport between Athens Airport and Athens Harbour

£9 / 1hr train ride. Taxi is £60 and takes approx the same time (traffic). Time Table for that train 12211h on April 13,





Island Options


Go to Hydra without Lauren 3 nights

Nea maki 2 nights

Hot springs 2 nights

Delphi 2 nights

Athens 2 nights




Ferry Departure: 17:30 13-Apr-2022- 🕑4h 15min. Arrives 21:45. Cost: 42.50€ (and up)

Back to Athens: 10:4516-Apr-2022 ARRIVAL BACK 15:00, 16-Apr-2022 4 hrs and 15 min. 42.50 €.


NAXOS: 17:3013-Apr-2022🕑22:4513-Apr-2022   43.50 € (blue star ferries)

09:3016-Apr-2022🕑5h 30min15:0016-Apr-2022   43.50 €. (blue star ferries)

5h 15min on the ferry = Won’t leave us much time on the island.


4 Ways to Book a Ferry in Greece


lena photo was Pilio = way north.





From Rafina: Andros, Eyos, Uefonici, Nicolas (too expensive, gay ) Nexos, Paros (Karim has a friend. need a car there) , santorini (most amazing one), Tinos (most religious one).


booking 23 europe

hotel hofers orfeas delphl


friend of Karim in Paros


Peloponnese Peninsula: Corenthine,

Argos and Mykines itself (Lion’s gate)

Wine country Némée (nemea)

Epidavros (archeological site and beautiful bay)

take car drive to

Nauplie (romantic small city, 19th century town)

Get olive oil, wines



You can go from Hermioni to Hydra



Other island: methana

Seronic islands.



Written by Sophia Caravaggio

She writes about her worldwide travels, and, occasionally, about dream vacations she has yet to take. Sophia has lived in Italy, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, UK, Canada and the USA. She revels in discovering sacred sites and beautiful, romantic locations.

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