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By Nixan Crasto

A vacation is a great get away for one and all and when the vacation is in Orlando, one’s heart beats that much faster in anticipation. Orlando is universally acclaimed as the hottest destination for a vacation. No American Dream is complete without a visit to Disney Land and a brush with the celluloid world at Universal Studios. Well, one cannot visit either without going to Orlando. Orlando is fondly and aptly nicknamed ‘The city beautiful’, thanks to its numerous theme parks, resorts and entertainment attractions which play no mean role in helping to rank it as one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. This being the case, tourism has become the driving force for the area’s flourishing economy.

Although Orlando is a hub of tourist activity and abuzz with happenings for a dozen reasons , the single most factor that makes young and old alike gravitate towards it for vacations is the universal favorite Disney Land. Having opened way back in 1971 it created grounds for unprecedented economic growth which catapulted Orlando to its present day popularity as the ultimate fun spot for a vacation.

Generally, vacationers love to visit Orlando during Spring Break, Easter, Thanksgiving and the December holidays. It is definitely an added edge to a vacation spot when one can reach it not only by land or take the air route but also throw in a cruise for better effect because although Orlando is not a sea port it has a cruise terminal not more than a couple of hour’s drive away from it.

The city’s well equipped hotels and spas are well tuned to the needs of vacationers and cram their days in Orlando with as much fun as possible by designing special packages to include the maximum sight seeing tours, excursions and all that Orlando has to offer to accommodate every budget and to suit the needs of every age group right from the all out for fun youngsters to the discerning and artistically inclined. Also on the must -see list are the Patrick Air Force Base, The Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and The Kennedy Space Center which is approximately an hour’s drive East of Orlando.

Vacations to this part of the world are replete with visits to malls, concerts, restaurants, spas, music shows, swimming, art and culture exhibitions and golf for golfers apart from the usual round of trips to the innumerable theme and amusement parks. All in all, a vacation in Orlando is a complete holiday experience which fulfills the senses, enriches the soul whether one is a single or married with kids.

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